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I wanted to let everyone know about a fun project that we’ve been creating, we’ve been working on a short animated film for a while now with a team of animators and artists (female crew) and we are finally ready to launch our Crowdfunding Campaign on IndieGogo this week of November 13th! Our project is called Northstar Warrior, it’s about a strong female named Sacha.  

I wanted to create a set of 44 oracle cards as a fun perk for people supporting the funding of our short animated film with themes of female empowerment, finding the power within and listening to our inner guidance. This is essentially what our film is about. We ask that you only draw the characters as subjects in the cards, you can choose any of the characters and you can draw them in your style, one character or a few of them together. I’m opening this up to anybody that wants to be a part of this. 

What you get with participating: A printed deck of oracle cards, some other campaign swag, a thank-you on our site with links to your site, and a chance for your art to be featured on the campaign while it’s running!

(You retain ownership of your work, display it on social media, on your website. We only reserve the right to use them on this project as artwork donated. This is not a work for hire, just a fun opportunity to create art and be part of a female empowerment movement in supporting women and young girls. For additional orders for decks we’ll be happy to give you a discount. (If anyone is interested in blogging opportunities, let me know. We are looking for content.) If you feel inspired to do more than one drawing, please feel free to!

**If you can’t participate, that’s alright! If you would like to share it to someone else that might be interested, I would be so grateful!

**Card Details:

  • Cards will be printed on 2.75 x 4.75 size.
  • Original work will need to be created on a 8.1 x 14.25 Canvas, 300dpi, saved as a Jpeg file. Preferably digital work painted in Photoshop or as a Vector file, saved as a PDF or Jpeg file.
  • No need for frame, we will be creating a frame.
  • Deadline is Dec 31st for artwork to be considered onto deck.
  • Below is a sample of some of one of our cards that we’ve mocked up.

Here are some of the card themes, please look through our Instagram account for the story. Feel free to add more as you get inspired since there are 44 cards, each one has to be different. They are open to interpretation and you are welcome to alter some of the themes that call out and speak to you. If you would like to work with me, I can give you feedback before submission on a theme or idea that you have. Remember this is for motivating girls and young women to have more confidence and to trust themselves. And to be their own superhero. 

  1. Trust Your Vibes
  2. You are Magic
  3. You can do it
  4. Find your Northstar
  5. Be Your own superhero
  6. You are powerful
  7. You have everything you need to make your dreams come true
  8. Stars will align for you
  9. Strength in numbers
  10. We’re stronger when we’re together
  11. Find the strength within
  12. You hold the power within
  13. You are love
  14. The Stars
  15. Fork in the road
  16. Judgement
  17. Temperance
  18. Strength
  19. The Moon
  20. Connection to the Divine
  21. Ask for Guidance
  22. The Northstar Spirit
  23. The Dreamer
  24. The Shaman
  25. The Sun
  26. The Shadow Queen
  27. The Warrior
  28. The Great Spirit
  29. The Earth (connection to nature)
  30. The Magician
  31. The High Priestess
  32. The Empress (Queen)
  33. Acceptance
  34. Wisdom
  35. Breathe
  36. Forgiveness
  37. Sacred Union
  38. Stay Present
  39. Mindfulness
  40. Creativity
  41. Express your emotions
  42. Tap into your own powers
  43. Listen to your heart
  44. Move Forward


More information on the Project and for Character Descriptions:

Sacha new design:

(Characters will most likely go through another revision, so feel free to use any costume variations, etc.)

If you have any questions, Please feel free to reach out!

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