Hi there!!! We are so excited to announce that we just launched our web comic version of Northstar Warrior! This is has been a long time in coming! We’ve been working on the short animated version for the last two years on and off, and we are now in the process of dedicating our time and energy to finishing it this year! We wanted to get our fans and audience more familiar with the story and since this is a very long, deep and meaningful project… we wanted to share as much of it out there with people who don’t yet know what Northstar Warrior is about.

We’d love for you to check out our project on a new web comic platform called Webtoons and please show your support by subscribing to our channel and sharing our work with others who might be inspired by this! We decided to choose Webtoons as a platform to host our comic, since the platform is an app you can download, its a great way to create comics for the mobile audience and we thought Webtoons would be a great way to show our work to a wider audience on the go.

Check out the web comic series here, we just uploaded our prologue chapter and we will be updating every Friday from now on!

Check it out here by clicking this link!!

Northstar Warrior Web Comic

If you would also like to show more support, we would definitely appreciate it! As we have more than two artists contributing to this project now, we recently set up our studio Patreon page, there you can see behind the scenes stuff that’s not out for public view. We’ve got videos, rough animations, sketches, old work, project history and chronology from 2013. Audio and storyboards that’s not posted here! We’d love to share our work with you, check us out on


Download the app here on the iTunes store 



Also check out our store for prints on Society6!! Here’s our link www.society6.com/prismlightstudios

This print below available on our store!