Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, I had planned on going a few months ago in advance. I wasn’t sure what to expect on going there but I was very interested in taking a few workshops and classes they had as part of the Licensing University package. It was such a good networking opportunity, learning about the industry and really figuring out as an artist or someone with an idea on how to license your intellectual property. I was walking into this without a clue armed only with the knowledge of reading about this from blogs and listening to podcasts the last few months.

I also learned about this convention through Melissa Schulz at www.artlicensinginfo.com who was nice enough to chat with me over the phone about what to have in my portfolio as an artist getting an agent or a licensing deal as well as give me a little bit of insight into the industry.

There was quite a few classes I took, here’s a list:

  • The Basics of Licensing
  • The Basics of Licensing Law
  • Creating a Brand Identity for licensing
  • Working with Agents and Consultants
  • Business of Art Licensing
  • Style Guides 101
  • Agent’s Business Forum Breakfast Mixer

I learned so much about the industry and very specific key things and before this convention I really was in the dark about art licensing. I’m really glad I planned this trip months ago because it was so beneficial and applies not just to art being licensed on home goods or stationery, but it applies to animation and creating character art. This whole trip really ignited my passion for our short film that we have been working on in house. I honestly thought that it was super hard to get an agent or to get a pitch deck together but some of the classes really did shed a lot of light and I learned its not as intimidating as I thought it would be. I pitched my Northstar Warrior animation project to a few different agents and they had nothing but positive things to say about it. I think the most beneficial class I took was Style Guides 101 by a gentleman named Stan Madaloni from studio 2.o who went into great detail about what kind of elements to have in a brand style guide and the Agent’s and Business forum mixer was a great networking event to go to because I met some really great people.

Networking was also one of my goals on going to the convention, I’ve met so many professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs. I really enjoyed talking to different entrepreneurs and hearing their own personal journey. I’ve had so many insightful and inspiring talks with other entrepreneurs and despite what my end goals is, I know I am on the right path. I’m not going to lie but I did sort of veer off slightly off the path to creating an animated project, I freelanced with a bunch of companies the last 6-7 months since I last worked on Northstar Warrior and I’m also teaching a lot more classes and working with more students these days so its been a challenge. Nevertheless, I’ve persisted and I’m ready to go back to working on our animation project. Stay tuned for our progress! Looking forward to sharing more!