Artist Spotlight: VO Artist – Syderek Watson

What is your name and what is your passion/ or what is your career?

My name is Syderek Watson and my passion is telling stories through acting.


What inspired you to do what you do?

My mother used to tell me when I was little that I should be an actor when I grow up. I never really listened to her, I did not understand at the time why she would say that. I just continued being a kid and acting out crazy scenarios that came to mind. When I was in elementary school I loved coming home getting off the bus and coming inside to unwind from the day. I would go to the kitchen and make a sandwich and then sit in the living room and watch my favorite cartoon shows before it was time for homework. It was the best time because my parents were not at home yet, so I could watch TV and really enjoy myself. One of my favorite shows was The Simpsons, and not for the storyline which I did not understand at the time, I absolutely loved the characters! I would always try and talk like Homer, Moe, Krusty the Clown, Marge, and Apu. I really  When I felt I could really do the impressions I would try them out on my friends on the bus, they loved it!

What is the best advice you got while you were in school while you trained to be a Voice Over Artist/ Actor?

You never know what you have to offer a character until you try. Our lives are so full of different experiences that sometimes we forget what we have to offer. I’ve received many tidbits of advice, but this one is very important to me. Sometimes you maybe approached with characters and you are not sure how to connect with them and tell that story. Limiting yourself is not the approach you should take, even if you have never attempted the choice before. Most of the times the character will teach you something about yourself or a new life lesson you have never considered. Always be open to the possibility, unless it crosses personal barriers.


What attracted you to work on Northstar Warrior Animation?

When I met Diane Pascual at a networking mixer in Los Angeles, we began talking about our careers and current events. She told me she was working on an animation project, wanted to pitch to major networks and, were seeking voice over artist for a character. She began telling me about the main character Sasha, the Queen and her feelings behind the story. Diane emitted a very positive vibe when she described Northstar Warrior and I loved the diversity in the story. At the time I had watched a few kid shows from different networks, trying to prepare myself for a nephew on the way, and noticed the content of those shows had drastically changed since I was a kid. This project sounded positive and fun for a young audience, I wanted to be involved. My ears perked up when she asked to hear some voices. Now not to blame it on the networking and constant chatter, but my voice does not fare well under pressure. I asked If we could connect later and check out my voice and she agreed. I gave her a few impressions and we talked about next steps, I was thrilled!

How has your perspective changed or grown as an Actor/ Voice Over artist since you started working on this?

My perspective has definitely grown since working on Northstar Warrior. The same respect you would bring to your work on stage or on set, you need to bring to the studio. Just because there are no lights and camera or thirty people awkwardly watching you does not mean you get to chill or relax when working as a Voice Over Artist. The same feelings and emotions need to be there, you need to be present as an actor, making your voice available to the work producing magical work.


Sample of Syderek voicing Mist.



What do you see as the future of this project?

Northstar Warrior will spark new ideas for animation, create more heart-felt storylines, and delivery better content for our younger generations. I can definitely see Northstar Warrior available via Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon. Having a story this unique and being available on-demand for today’s audiences is invaluable.


What do you think about working on a project centered on female empowerment?

It’s a really unique opportunity to be a part of something bigger and empowering for women. Working on this project has allowed me to use my voice to create something useful and relevant to the world we live in. Knowing that in today’s society there are several perceptions of women and at time these perceptions do not speak to the power a woman possesses. Mist is Sacha’s spirit guide and he is very protective of her. He cares for her, gives her direction, encourages her, and empowers her as a young woman. You never get the sense with Mist that he will ever betray Sasha or put her in danger. I am pleased that I can provide this sense of encouragement that Mist provides Sacha as I feel in reality this should be provided to women.


Do you think it’s relevant to today’s world?

We all live in America, and I know the struggles that come with being disempowered and under valued as an African-American male. In my family, my mother, girlfriend, sister, sister-n-law and I converse weekly discussing issues they face everyday. I cannot count the number of conversations I have had when it comes to different situations presented by people that challenge their worth and diminish their value as a woman. These are very smart women, loving women, and overall strong women. I know what it feels like to have everything stacked against you. Sometimes all you need is a little reminder of who you are and what you are about. This project speaks to my ability as a man to encourage and empower women.


What are your thoughts about feminism?

I believe that all women of any race should be treated equally and provided the same opportunities for success, whatever that means to them.

What do you think it means to you? To me it means to empower, encourage, strengthen, guide, love, nurture, and support women. Let them know they can achieve what they want out of life, just as anyone else.


What do you think about the group of people working on this project at Prism Light Studios?

The entire cast and crew are some of the best people I have been fortunate to work with. The other actors / actresses are so talented and their voices are incredible!! I’m very thankful I’ve had the opportunity to work on this project and to continue meeting amazing people on this journey.


Social Media:

Instagram @syderekw



Northstar Warrior Web Comic

Hi there!!! We are so excited to announce that we just launched our web comic version of Northstar Warrior! This is has been a long time in coming! We’ve been working on the short animated version for the last two years on and off, and we are now in the process of dedicating our time and energy to finishing it this year! We wanted to get our fans and audience more familiar with the story and since this is a very long, deep and meaningful project… we wanted to share as much of it out there with people who don’t yet know what Northstar Warrior is about.

We’d love for you to check out our project on a new web comic platform called Webtoons and please show your support by subscribing to our channel and sharing our work with others who might be inspired by this! We decided to choose Webtoons as a platform to host our comic, since the platform is an app you can download, its a great way to create comics for the mobile audience and we thought Webtoons would be a great way to show our work to a wider audience on the go.

Check out the web comic series here, we just uploaded our prologue chapter and we will be updating every Friday from now on!

Check it out here by clicking this link!!

Northstar Warrior Web Comic

If you would also like to show more support, we would definitely appreciate it! As we have more than two artists contributing to this project now, we recently set up our studio Patreon page, there you can see behind the scenes stuff that’s not out for public view. We’ve got videos, rough animations, sketches, old work, project history and chronology from 2013. Audio and storyboards that’s not posted here! We’d love to share our work with you, check us out on

Download the app here on the iTunes store 



Also check out our store for prints on Society6!! Here’s our link

This print below available on our store!


Artist Spotlight: Actress/VO Artist – Megan Luis

What is your name and what is your passion?

Megan Luis, and my passion in life is acting, although I have many irons in the fire in terms of creativity. I love art in all its forms. I love painting, drawing, mixed media, photography, film, collage, stop motion–and what I love most is music. Since I was two years old, I was very clear that I wanted to be an actor. It brings me life and endless inspiration and insight.


What inspired you to do what you do?

The first time my mother took me to see the nutcracker actually. I was two, and apparently I was silent, and completely mesmerized. I knew whatever they were doing–that was what I wanted to do! I got really into film and psychology as I got older. Studying human behavior is a favorite past time.


What is the best advice you got while you were in school while you trained to be a Voice Over Artist/ Actress?

The best advice I got was to never become comfortable. There is always room for growth in this art form. If you think you have mastered or perfected the art, then you should not be doing it. Acting is like an onion, peeling away at the layers slowly over time. There is so much to discover, the learning never ends.


What attracted you to work on Northstar Warrior Animation?


I loved the premise of a strong female lead in an animated feature, wanting to restore the magic which is lost in the world.


Also the idea of an older woman (the queen whom I voiced in the early stages) once being a Northstar herself. How absolute power corrupts absolutely, and even the purest heart can be darkened over time. It was really the redemption aspect that appealed to me, along with the feminist concepts which are prevalent throughout the piece. Also, I truly do feel that some kind of magic has been lost in this day. I miss hand-drawn 2D animation, in my opinion it has so much more creativity involved for artists of all kinds. I feel some of the artistry is lost in translation with computer animation.


How has your perspective changed or grown as an Actor/ Voice Over artist since you started working on this?

Well! I’m rather self conscious about my voice to be quite honest. I think I sound like Charlie Brown. It has made me more conscious of the range of which my voice is capable, how tonality deeply affects the interpretation of the project overall. Mostly however, it’s great fun. Voice acting requires an entirely different technique as opposed to theatre and film acting. I look forward to doing more voice acting in the future.

Check out a sample clip below!




What do you see as the future of this project?


A return to a nostalgic realm of imagination. A step in the direction of female entrepreneurship, artistic direction, and strong female role models for young girls, who are not defined by the men in their life, but by what they create and put out into the world.


What do you think about working on a project centered on female empowerment? Do you think its relevant to today’s world?

I love it. As a strong feminist myself, I’d say it’s about time. Throughout history, women haven’t really been able to find themselves in film/tv/the media in general. Historically, they are controlled by this “male-gaze” so to speak. Caged by male energy, and portrayed as extensions of the male ego. They are not accurately represented as complex individuals. Female stories have been subtly discredited as being “uninteresting”.


What are your thoughts about feminism? What do you think it means to you?

I do not attack men, but the system is sexist. This creates problems with interpersonal communication and the stereotype on both sides, that all men are assholes and all women are crazy. No. Society puts them against one another, and we are raised in a society devoid of equal rights and values. Equal treatment for all individuals is my motto, it really shouldn’t be that complicated. Common courtesy, kindness, and most especially mutual respect should not be an uncommon experience between individuals. It just seems like s no brainer to me. I have never understood prejudice of any kind.


What do you think about the group of people working on this project at Prism Light Studios?

I think they are all highly inspiring, persistent and multi talented individuals. It has been such a joy to be surrounded by so much talent and creativity. I look forward to what is to come!


@shallowthenhalo on Instagram


Artist Spotlight: Eliah Mountjoy

What is your name and what is your passion/ career?

My name is Eliah Mountjoy and I’m a Voice Over Actor, with a passion to tell stories.


What inspired you to do what you do?

My mother would say that even as an infant, I was a mimic.  An ambulance would pass by and, strapped in my car seat, I would emulate the sound of a passing emergency vehicle.  There’s always been a hard wiring in my head that compelled me to listen and them make noises with my face.  Flash forward to me seeing Star Wars as a kid, and James Earl Jones changed my life forever. “Nooooo I, am you father!”  Even now, I’m inspired by the memory of that!  Science Fiction and Fantasy became a real gateway for me, from The Muppets, to James Cameron, to Ridley Scott… I was hooked.  Then video games…. Oh, video games.  How many hours I’ve spent on thee!  My brothers and I would game hard, and by hard, I mean legendarily.  We’d go all night and into the next day.  Lots of Blizzard games (Warcraft, Starcraft, and my personal favorite, Diablo I, II and III).  It wasn’t until a friend introduced me to a fellah who voiced a key character from Diablo III.  My head exploded, much like the first viewing of Star Wars as a kid.  And then the connection was made…. I… could… be one of those voices… And so it began!  I sought out every teacher far and wide here in the Los Angeles area, and immersed myself in the world of voice over.


What is the best advice you got while you were in school while you trained to be a Voice Over Artist/ Actress?

The best advice has always been and will always be a Shakespeare quote from Hamlet: “This above all things…to thine own self be true.”  In other words, one must be honest and connected to themselves so that an honest real performance is possible.  So simple!  And yet, so hard…  Its always been a phenomena to me why that is, but my mentors always stressed authenticity.  Above everything else.  Be yourself.  Because, ultimately, THAT’s that will get you the job, and longevity in a career.  You don’t want to sound like everybody else.  You want to sound like you.  That’s what people connect with, wether its advertising a McRibb sandwich from McDonalds, or voicing a character in a movie of video game.  What connects the art to the audience is a bridge made of truthful expression.  Thats how acting was defined to me: “the expression of truthful living within the confines of a given circumstance.”  In other words whether you’re in a space ship, in a garden or at the kitchen table, behaving (or acting) truthfully is what people connect to.  Its automatic.  But if its, forced, feigned or otherwise “put on” it registers as fake, or try hard.  Of course, there’s technique to it all.  There is variance between commercial, narration, promo and video game voice over reads for example (just as there is with theatre, movie and TV acting), but what remains the same is the core authenticity.  The lowest common denominator to all acting is truthful living.  And as it turns out, its terrifying to actually put oneself out there for all to see (and judge)!  Which, or course, is why its hard to do.  And why its so riveting when one can do it.

What attracted you to work on Northstar Warrior Animation?

I met Diane as she was developing the story for Northstar.  She showed me some of the early sketches and concept drawings and told me the story she was cooking up. Immediately I loved it. Loved the artwork. Loved the story.  The Native American influence, the vividness of a parallel world where magic exists, and all the color schemes made for beautiful imagery. I’m a huge fan of shows like Avatar (The Last Airbender) as well as movies like Aladdin, and Northstar was like a blending of the two.  I told Diane I would be extremely interested in doing a read through, or voicing a character if it would help develop the story!  It turned out that she did have a character for me to read by the name of Elias, which was serendipitous for me, as Elias and I share a similar namesake. I was honored that she had me read for him.


How has your perspective changed or grown as an Actor/ Voice Over artist since you started working on this?

When I initially got involved with Northstar Warrior my career and professional experience as a VO actor extended mostly to commercial and online media.  Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of being in McDonalds commercials, Chrysler, Honda, Redbull, and the voice of
Check out a sample of Eliah voicing our character Elias!
But the real reason I got into VO was for video games and animation.  Those are my first true loves.  And, of course, the most difficult to break into.  They’re the most enjoyable, and in my opinion, the most rewarding.  I’ve had the pleasure of being in Final Fantasy, and voiced characters for multiple on-line games and apps.  I’ve also had a chance to work with Square Enix, Activision, EA, and Sony but those projects are under NDA and can’t yet be revealed!


But specific to Northstar, I grew from our first ensemble read-through, which was fun and powerful.  Having the chance to work off other actors is such a rarity in this industry, and so often as actors we don’t get it.  It’s usually just you in the booth, expected to come up with it all.  Thats the gig.  Which is ironic, because if producers and project curators knew the impact of having other members of the cast present during takes, I think it would be done more often.  And I first discovered that at Northstar’s read through with Hilary Dusome, and Syderek Watson.  What awesome talents they are!


What do you see as the future of this project?

I feel like Northstar Warrior could be either an episodic show, or a full blown feature.  Depending on how its developed I can see Netflix, Hulu or Amazon picking it up.  Northstar Warrior would have an awesome home there since they’re looking for content, and this project is busting at the seams with potential!


What do you think about working on a project centered on female empowerment? Do you think its relevant to today’s world?

When Diane and I were initially talking about Northstar, it was evident early on that this was a story about a heroine, Sacha.  It was clear that she was the protagonist of the story from the get go. So I knew the direction Diane wanted to go, and from that what my characters role would be.  It was great to participate in a project that I recognized to be a significant and poignant story for youngsters, and elders alike, particularly at this juncture in time.  The story of this “young and emerging girl” and her powers couldn’t be more relevant.  Its a true tale of empowerment, believing in yourself, and standing up against the ever pushing outside forces of negativity.


I don’t want to get too political here, but it seems Northstar’s message couldn’t be better timed: As a female, you are in control of your destiny!  You have it within you to rise up and be what the world needs!  But first, you must believe in yourself.  I love the Joseph Campbell “hero’s journey” aspect to the story.  Its timeless, and skillfully woven into an original and fascinating world.


What are your thoughts about feminism? What do you think it means to you?

My views on right vs left, blue vs red, up verses down, black vs white, etc. are centered on a macro scale – we’re all humans!  Women and men of all gender and races are of equal value, and our society should reflect that in our laws, as well as how they’re portrayed in media and stories.  And of course, the current tides that are in power now lend to a rising sea of what we’ve seen in the past… the mistreatment of minorities, refugees, and women.


Stories and metaphors are so powerful because they get us to suspend our disbelief, and in doing so, lay down our arms and lower our gates.  And then, the meaning woven within the story can seep in undetected by the ego or religion, or patriotism or what have you, and really change somebody at the core of who they are.  That they might see the “enemies” really aren’t that different from us.  Aside from culture and religion, we are all one.


What do you think about the group of people working on this project at Prism Light Studios?

I hit on this a little up above, but the ensemble read-through I had with Syderek and Hilary was a real highlight.  They’re imaginative actors and as such brought a lot to the table to be able to work off of.  Its such a rare treat. Hilary is a fantastic singer on top of voicing Sasha and it was fun seeing her improvise a song.  And Syderek’s comedic timing is razor sharp! Comedy is the hardest thing to do, and I have mega reverence for anybody who can do it.  They are talented and fun and I hope I get the chance to work with them again some day.  I didn’t get a chance to meet the woman scoring the project, but I heard clips and loved it.  Instantly transported to the Northstar Warrior realm. And of course Diane! I loved her illustrations so much I wanted to know more about the story – it just drew me in.  So much so, I commissioned Diane to draw the avatar I now use on my website!  I’m grateful to her fantastic artistic skills, and to Prism Light Studios for including me in Northstar Warrior and interviewing me! Thanks guys. Looking forward to seeing the next stage of the Northstar Warrior Saga!


Artist’s spotlight: Lily Vazquez Song

My name is Liliana Vazquez Song. I have a MFA in Animation and Visual Effects, focusing on 2D Character Animation. I have a passion for drawing characters and storytelling.

Ever since I was very young, I have been attracted to cartoons and pretty illustrations. I liked to draw, imagine my own stories and I wanted to be able to tell them through comics, and eventually, animated movies. My greatest sources of inspiration have always been the Disney feature films and japanese manga/anime.

What is the best advice you got while you were in school or as an artist?

The best advice that I have received is to use reference. Practicing everyday is very important but you can only go so far without the proper study and observation of real life. I was once told that one does not draw with the hands, but with the eyes, and I have found this to be very true.

What attracted you to work on Northstar Warrior Animation?

I was attracted to the Northstar Warrior Animation by the female characters. I have always been a feminist, even before I knew what the term was about. And also, as a woman, I find myself always drawn to stories that feature women, specially those who are written and designed by female creators, because they carry their true voices.

How have you grown as an artist since you started working on this?

It has helped me think more about camera angles and composition. Since it is action based, I have found myself studying different techniques to make the scenes more dynamic and to keep the flow of the action, and also come up with interesting compositions that help focus on the important plot points. Highlight the dominant character in each shot and the appropriate body language to convey the thoughts and feelings that they might be experimenting during said shot.

What do you see as the future of this project?

I see a lot of potential in this project. It can become a source of inspiration and empowerment for a whole generation of girls and young women who are searching for their inner light, their different manifestations of strength and creative ideas to fight for all what they believe in.

What do you think about working on a project centered on female empowerment? Do you think its relevant to today’s world?

Yes, I believe female empowerment is relevant more than ever. Feminism has gone a long way but there is still so much to do, and the world still need many more stories, many more voices to talk about the issues that are still present in today’s society. We need stories with a diverse cast of female protagonists that showcase all versions of femininity, to challenge the stereotypes that we have ingrained without noticing, those that say that there is only one acceptable way to be a woman.

What are your thoughts about feminism? What do you think it means to you?

Feminism is about equal rights for every human being, to not judge anyone based on gender, sexual orientation and even race. To me, it is about embracing the individual and not trying to force people into stereotype little boxes. It is about the freedom to be yourself, to express yourself in whichever way you want, to have all the choices over your own body, to love whoever you love openly and without fear. To not have to accommodate fear, hate or violence. To be unapologetic to the world, for being who you are.

What do you think about the team or group of women that you work with at Prism Light Studios?

They are all awesome women, and I love every one of them.

Licensing Expo | Las Vegas

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, I had planned on going a few months ago in advance. I wasn’t sure what to expect on going there but I was very interested in taking a few workshops and classes they had as part of the Licensing University package. It was such a good networking opportunity, learning about the industry and really figuring out as an artist or someone with an idea on how to license your intellectual property. I was walking into this without a clue armed only with the knowledge of reading about this from blogs and listening to podcasts the last few months.

I also learned about this convention through Melissa Schulz at who was nice enough to chat with me over the phone about what to have in my portfolio as an artist getting an agent or a licensing deal as well as give me a little bit of insight into the industry.

There was quite a few classes I took, here’s a list:

  • The Basics of Licensing
  • The Basics of Licensing Law
  • Creating a Brand Identity for licensing
  • Working with Agents and Consultants
  • Business of Art Licensing
  • Style Guides 101
  • Agent’s Business Forum Breakfast Mixer

I learned so much about the industry and very specific key things and before this convention I really was in the dark about art licensing. I’m really glad I planned this trip months ago because it was so beneficial and applies not just to art being licensed on home goods or stationery, but it applies to animation and creating character art. This whole trip really ignited my passion for our short film that we have been working on in house. I honestly thought that it was super hard to get an agent or to get a pitch deck together but some of the classes really did shed a lot of light and I learned its not as intimidating as I thought it would be. I pitched my Northstar Warrior animation project to a few different agents and they had nothing but positive things to say about it. I think the most beneficial class I took was Style Guides 101 by a gentleman named Stan Madaloni from studio 2.o who went into great detail about what kind of elements to have in a brand style guide and the Agent’s and Business forum mixer was a great networking event to go to because I met some really great people.

Networking was also one of my goals on going to the convention, I’ve met so many professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs. I really enjoyed talking to different entrepreneurs and hearing their own personal journey. I’ve had so many insightful and inspiring talks with other entrepreneurs and despite what my end goals is, I know I am on the right path. I’m not going to lie but I did sort of veer off slightly off the path to creating an animated project, I freelanced with a bunch of companies the last 6-7 months since I last worked on Northstar Warrior and I’m also teaching a lot more classes and working with more students these days so its been a challenge. Nevertheless, I’ve persisted and I’m ready to go back to working on our animation project. Stay tuned for our progress! Looking forward to sharing more!