What is your name and what is your passion?

Megan Luis, and my passion in life is acting, although I have many irons in the fire in terms of creativity. I love art in all its forms. I love painting, drawing, mixed media, photography, film, collage, stop motion–and what I love most is music. Since I was two years old, I was very clear that I wanted to be an actor. It brings me life and endless inspiration and insight.


What inspired you to do what you do?

The first time my mother took me to see the nutcracker actually. I was two, and apparently I was silent, and completely mesmerized. I knew whatever they were doing–that was what I wanted to do! I got really into film and psychology as I got older. Studying human behavior is a favorite past time.


What is the best advice you got while you were in school while you trained to be a Voice Over Artist/ Actress?

The best advice I got was to never become comfortable. There is always room for growth in this art form. If you think you have mastered or perfected the art, then you should not be doing it. Acting is like an onion, peeling away at the layers slowly over time. There is so much to discover, the learning never ends.


What attracted you to work on Northstar Warrior Animation?


I loved the premise of a strong female lead in an animated feature, wanting to restore the magic which is lost in the world.


Also the idea of an older woman (the queen whom I voiced in the early stages) once being a Northstar herself. How absolute power corrupts absolutely, and even the purest heart can be darkened over time. It was really the redemption aspect that appealed to me, along with the feminist concepts which are prevalent throughout the piece. Also, I truly do feel that some kind of magic has been lost in this day. I miss hand-drawn 2D animation, in my opinion it has so much more creativity involved for artists of all kinds. I feel some of the artistry is lost in translation with computer animation.


How has your perspective changed or grown as an Actor/ Voice Over artist since you started working on this?

Well! I’m rather self conscious about my voice to be quite honest. I think I sound like Charlie Brown. It has made me more conscious of the range of which my voice is capable, how tonality deeply affects the interpretation of the project overall. Mostly however, it’s great fun. Voice acting requires an entirely different technique as opposed to theatre and film acting. I look forward to doing more voice acting in the future.

Check out a sample clip below!




What do you see as the future of this project?


A return to a nostalgic realm of imagination. A step in the direction of female entrepreneurship, artistic direction, and strong female role models for young girls, who are not defined by the men in their life, but by what they create and put out into the world.


What do you think about working on a project centered on female empowerment? Do you think its relevant to today’s world?

I love it. As a strong feminist myself, I’d say it’s about time. Throughout history, women haven’t really been able to find themselves in film/tv/the media in general. Historically, they are controlled by this “male-gaze” so to speak. Caged by male energy, and portrayed as extensions of the male ego. They are not accurately represented as complex individuals. Female stories have been subtly discredited as being “uninteresting”.


What are your thoughts about feminism? What do you think it means to you?

I do not attack men, but the system is sexist. This creates problems with interpersonal communication and the stereotype on both sides, that all men are assholes and all women are crazy. No. Society puts them against one another, and we are raised in a society devoid of equal rights and values. Equal treatment for all individuals is my motto, it really shouldn’t be that complicated. Common courtesy, kindness, and most especially mutual respect should not be an uncommon experience between individuals. It just seems like s no brainer to me. I have never understood prejudice of any kind.


What do you think about the group of people working on this project at Prism Light Studios?

I think they are all highly inspiring, persistent and multi talented individuals. It has been such a joy to be surrounded by so much talent and creativity. I look forward to what is to come!


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