What We Do


Have a story idea that needs concept art? Get in touch today to explore art styles and looks for your children's book or animation project. 


Need help with story development in regards to script writing? We keep a list of freelancers that continually help out with writing projects and story development. Inquire today for a free phone consultation with your project needs!


Have a short film idea that you're trying to visually show? Or maybe you are working on a commercial idea or simply need to hire a small studio to help with project overflow? Our team of artists can help assist you on your project in a timely manner.

 Our Team

Diane Pascual

Creative Director

Stephanie Carey

Visual Development Artist

Tsebahat Fiseha

Visual Development Artist/Costume Designer

Lililiana Vazquez

2D Animator

Current Project in development - "Northstar Warrior" Short Animated Film